Social Responsibility

Profitability and business growth are a company’s main focuses. However, we know that without establishing a sustainable business; financial and organizational growth experienced by companies will be short term.

In today’s world, one big step towards sustainable development for people, companies, and society is eco-friendly production. Our Biopal wipes made from wood pulp, PLA, and other natural fibers are biodegradable in the environment in various degrees and various time periods depending on composting conditions.  Also, the water-soluable range consists of sheets which are made from PVA fiber which passes biodegradability tests. PVA is not biodegradable under natural conditions like PLA.

As a family company we are also aware that prosperity and education is not due to the personal efforts alone but cooperation and hard work of the company’s entire workforce. So, we are committed to create an organizational culture which values being responsible citizens in the community in which we operate.

Napal will continue to work on developing eco-friendly nonwovens and presenting them to the domestic and international markets.  We believe our marketing and management values will always help us to reach to a sustainable business growth.

Our measurable goals of sustainability »